Welcome to the Middlesex College Digital Collections

The Middlesex College digital repository (MCDC) houses both the scholarly and creative output of faculty and students along with historical materials of the College held in its Archives. 

College Archives

This is the collection from the College Archives, which includes the few yearbooks published at the College and copies of historical materials such as the Board of Trustee Minutes.

College Publications

College publications include Middlesex Now and This Month @ Middlesex.

Scholarly and Creative Works

Students, faculty, and staff at Middlesex College create significant scholarly, research, and creative work. This collection is the central location to find and share that work. Student publications include QuoVadis and the Blue Colt Vibe. Open educational resources by MC and our partners are also included in this collection.

For More Information...

We are working to process our collection, so several collections are not yet available. Please contact us at Library@middlesexcc.edu if you wish to know more about our Archives, this repository, or materials that appear on this site. MCDC acknowledgements are at https://digital.middlesexcollege.edu/l/credits.

This resource is administered by the Middlesex College Library.